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Business is Challenging.

  • Operating costs – Meet your KPI’s by doing more with less.
  • Demanding customers – They want you to see the future and be there when it arrives.
  • Competition – It’s always right behind you (or right in front of you)!

How Can We Help?

Proven Results with Our Expertise.

  • Reduce your operating costs.
  • Increase your flexibility.
  • Improve your quality.

Which type of glucosamine product do you want to make?

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Our tablet grade glucosamine is the best compressible granules that will help you with technical issues such as:

  • Compressing difficulties
  • Chipping, capping, broken tablets
  • Disintegration time
  • Erosion, high friability
  • Appearance
  • Dissolution
  • Flexible binder option and ratio l Improved tablet hardness

Our tablet grade material can help you to improve your production efficiency to achieve greater overall cost saving by

  • Optimizing tableting speed
  • Lower tableting machine burden
  • Achieving higher yield
  • Achieving a smaller tablet size
  • Using less excipients

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The Science of the Perfect Capsule

Using a powder for encapsulation? Trying to balance bulk density with flow? Our capsule-grade material is ideally suited to hard-capsule filling and can help provide the highest bulk density and best flowability of material.

“A manufacturer recently asked us why they suddenly could only fill their glucosamine capsules to 80% of their weight from previous production runs when the only change was the production lot from the raw material supplier. With the material being in spec they wanted to know: what is the significance of bulk density, tap density, and particle size when encapsulating?” There is a science to manufacturing the perfect capsule. Learn more about what is possible when partnering with TSI.

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Looking to make a glucosamine powder product?

Our powder-grade material is customized to help provide consistent free flowing and particle size distribution, uniformity and no caking.

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Soft Chew

Experiencing product degradation when making soft chews?

This dose form is gaining popularity, especially in the pet supplement field. The varied formulas and unique processing conditions often result in lower yields and lower effective dosage in the finished product.

All glucosamine powders are not the same. TSI has the resources and expertise to develop and trial raw material for soft chews. No other manufacturer of glucosamine will provide this level of partnership, let alone the experience needed to do it successfully.

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Ready to Drink

Another popular finished dose form bringing convenience to active, health-conscious consumers as the supplement and wellness industries evolve.

TSI glucosamine powders are ideally suited for RTD applications. We also offer custom solutions where your specific formulation may be resulting in degradation or discoloration.

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Creams & Gels

Creams and gels provide their own unique challenges to deliver effective dosages through proper absorption. TSI thrives on solving unique challenges and has the credentials to make it happen for our customers.

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“Making an effervescent, sachet, or soft gel product?

If you can dream it up, we can help you make it a reality. As you work to evolve and adapt to changing demands in the supplement and wellness space, rest assured we are keeping up with trends and working to see the future. This includes surveying consumer attitudes and trends, anticipating your challenges, and looking for solutions to problems where others have not even thought to look. At TSI we say “Healthy Begins Here.” To understand our commitment to supporting every aspect of bringing health and wellness to the world – through innovative product development, clinical studies, raw material production, finished dose manufacturing, and even marketing – please visit us at

TSI Group Ltd is the most experienced company in the world when it comes to glucosamine. We have been the experts in producing this ingredient for 25 years, with world class processing and granulation facilities and dedicated research and development.
We even fund research into new applications for glucosamine. We know of no other company as dedicated to the safe and effective production and use of this supplement ingredient.
Our experience gives you a competitive advantage:
Lower Production Costs, Improve Product Quality, Effective Branding

Building Consumer and Brand Confidence

5 Ways TSI Group glucosamine products help build consumer and brand confidence:

  1. Manufactured, distributed, and supported by TSI exclusively (no third parties)
  2. Manufactured to the highest cGMP standards
  3. Safety and toxicity tested and verified
  4. USP, JP, and EP Compendial grades available
  5. GRAS affirmed

A key advantage of the TSI Group glucosamine manufacturing process is it allows for GlucosaGreen® and Pureflex® to be customized; reduced to a more convenient compact tablet or capsule forms to meet the needs of brands and consumers

TSI Group is a unique partner in your supply chain, continuously innovating to give our customers the edge they need to move their business forward. We have unrivaled resources and expertise to deliver real ingredient solutions to meet future demands.

We are the only company that manufactures both raw glucosamine and finished products and understands all aspects of ingredient supply and product development.

TSI Group LTD Ingredient Solutions Division. Learn more about our commitment to providing ingredient solutions at TSI Group LTD.

In addition to our expertise in glucosamine manufacturing, we are the only company in the world making both glucosamine and chondroitin. More important, we apply our expertise in processing and manufacturing to other ingredients beyond glucosamine and chondroitin.

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