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Tablets are currently the most popular way to deliver glucosamine. Glucosamine in powder form, however does not compress at all, especially when it is the only active ingredient. Therefore someone in the supply chain must refine the material into direct compression (DC) grade granules for effective processing.


While conventional glucosamine suppliers are proficient in processing raw materials, they are not usually experts in making tablets. This lack of expertise leaves the tablet manufacturer few options other than to use particle size distribution (PSD) to gauge the compressibility of the granules they are using.

PSD, however does not fully measure whether a material is really suitable for making tablets. The manufacturers who use granules with high compressibility instead of only looking to match a PSD spec will truly ensure proper tablet formation.


TSI’s advantage and expertise is that we understand the most critical aspects for each finished product format – from tablets to gels – and we know how to customize glucosamine material to ensure that our brand partners achieve their objectives. The results are more efficient processes using fewer resources producing higher quality products.

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