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Our Pledge to Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Here at TSI Group, we are committed to making sustainable health supplements accessible to everyone. Driven by this commitment, The Glucosamine Experts developed the world’s first commercially available plant-based glucosamine, GlucosaGreen®.

The majority of the world’s glucosamine is produced by using shellfish as the raw material. This process requires vast amounts of chemicals and inputs and is harmful to the environment. This also means that those practicing a kosher or vegan diet could not enjoy the health benefits this supplement provides.

GlucosaGreen® ’s sustainable development model isn’t slightly more sustainable; it is significantly more sustainable. For comparison, making a shellfish glucosamine tablet generates 5 ½ times its weight in solid waste. A portion of the extra waste is made up of hydrochloric acid, a toxic chemical byproduct. Glucosagreen® is able to reduce hydrochloric acid waste by nearly 90%.

When it comes to sustainability, GlucosaGreen® does more than reduce harmful by-products. Our manufacturing model saves 99.6% of the water needed for traditional production. In fact, it takes nearly a billion gallons of water to produce enough traditional glucosamine to meet US demand.

With GlucosaGreen®, both people and their pets can improve their joint health, experience pain relief from health conditions such as arthritis. GlucosaGreen® is produced by a revolutionary, direct fermentation process technology.

Instead of using shellfish as the raw material, GlucosaGreen®’s starting material is glucose. The glucose is derived from an easily available vegetable source: non-GMO corn. From here, the fermentation process uses a microbe as a processing aid.
This technology efficiently transforms glucose into glucosamine. GlucosaGreen® is the most environmentally friendly and accessible glucosamine. Learn more about glucosamine made from corn.

Demand for glucosamine is expected to increase steadily as new applications are being discovered. Manufacturers are beginning to rely more heavily on plant-based solutions, and Glucosagreen® is ready for the challenge. The Glucosamine Experts are dedicated to the efficacy and sustainability of new and existing products, and glucosamine is no exception.

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