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Cracking the Code to the Ideal Glucosamine Granule

If you have ever tried to make tablets that include glucosamine, then you know how difficult this ingredient is to work with. Glucosamine granules can cause many tablet problems and tablet defects, from broken tablets to appearance issues. 

Despite this, glucosamine supplement benefits cannot be ignored as they have a notable impact on joint health, pain relief, and so many other health factors

The Glucosamine Experts at TSI have cracked the code for the ideal glucosamine granule! We call this process OptiTab Technology.

We’ve distributed samples of improved tablet production using OptiTab glucosamine granules.

Challenge us to do the same for your formula and see for yourself how we can resolve your common tablet problems!

Inside Your Sample Pack

If you’ve received our sample pack, inside you will have found examples of glucosamine tablets currently on the market in a side-by-side comparison with the same formulas made with glucosamine processed with the OptiTab Technology.

To receive a sample pack, please click here or fill out the request below.

The following formulas correspond to the numbered compartments in the sample:

Formula A (Original & OptiTab):

Ingredientsinput, mg per serving
Glucosamine HCl granule1571
Magnesium stearate18
Tablet Weight1589

Formula A (Original & OptiTab):

  • #1 Commercially available product, broken tablets, and chipping
  • #2 Made with OptiTab glucosamine granules

Formula B (Original & OptiTab):

Ingredientsinput, mg per serving
Glucosamine Sulphate 2NaCl 1884mg1983
Microcrystalline Cellulose Type 1021
Magnesium stearate20
HPMC coating powder White60
Tablet Weight2064

Formula B (Original & OptiTab):

  • #3 Commercially available product, appearance issues
  • #4 Made with OptiTab glucosamine granules

Formula C (Original):

Ingredientsinput, mg per serving
Glucosamine Sulphate 2NaCl 95%1983
Microcrystalline Cellulose Type 102221.8
Magnesium Stearate20
Other non-actives54.2
Tablet Weight2334

Formula C (OptiTab):

Ingredientsinput, mg per serving
Glucosamine Sulphate 2NaCl 1884mg granule1962
Magnesium stearate20
Coating powder60
Tablet Weight2042

Formula C :

  • #5 Made with OptiTab glucosamine granules, the same shape as the commercially available sample with lower weight and thickness.
  • #6 Made with OptiTab glucosamine granules, different shape and noticeably smaller
  • #7 Commercially available tablet that is larger than necessary

How do you know OptiTab glucosamine Granules are better?

We’ve tested OptiTab glucosamine granules against common binders used in tableting. OptiTab performs comparably to all of them.

In fact, we’ve tested OptiTab granules against five major producers of tablet-grade glucosamine…

…we outperformed them all. It wasn’t even close. Don’t take our word for it! To review the full study, please request our free whitepaper below.

OptiTab granules are available for traditional glucosamine in all salt forms. They are also available for GlucosaGreen®, a shellfish-free glucosamine made from non-GMO corn.

The TSI Challenge

We’ve cracked the code for the ideal glucosamine granule with our revolutionary OptiTab Technology. We want you to challenge us to prove it to you by doing the same with your formula. Avoid tablet repairs and issues while still providing the beneficial effects of glucosamine. 

Take the next step now and let us do the work so you can achieve these results!

      • Smaller Tablets
      • Higher Quality
      • Better Yields