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Choose TSI Group: Premier Encapsulation & Tablet Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturer of innovative glucosamine products GlucosaGreen® and Pureflex®

Consumer Behavior Research

A survey of more than 2000 supplement consumers found that an easy-to-swallow, once-daily, single-pill was considered most important when purchasing a supplement.

42% of people who regularly use supplements said consistent quality was key to trusting a supplement brand. This was followed by recommendations from a healthcare professional/family/friends and transparency in the supplement’s quality certification and supply chain.

Building Consumer and Brand Confidence

5 Ways TSI Group glucosamine products help build consumer and brand confidence:

  1. Manufactured, distributed, and supported by TSI exclusively (no third parties)
  2. Manufactured to the highest cGMP standards
  3. Safety and toxicity tested and verified
  4. USP, JP, and EP Compendial grades available
  5. GRAS affirmed

A key advantage of the TSI Group glucosamine manufacturing process is it allows for GlucosaGreen® and Pureflex® to be customized; reduced to a more convenient compact tablet or capsule forms to meet the needs of brands and consumers

What are the benefits of being able to customize compact tablet or capsule forms?
  • Reduced production processes
  • Reduced deficient tablets, better quality
  • 25% increase in total tableting efficiency
  • Improved yield to 99.5%
  • Up to 20% savings on excipients ie smaller or fewer tablets count to meet daily dose

TSI’s advanced processes mean

  • Smaller capsules
  • More complex matrices
  • No more broken pins on encapsulation equipment

Which type of glucosamine product do you want to make?

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