About Us


At TSI, when we say “Healthy Begins Here” we mean that no matter where you are in the world of human and animal nutrition, our expertise in developing new products, producing raw materials, and manufacturing finished doses can help you move forward. We offer world-class manufacturing building the highest quality innovative and functional health products to maximize and maintain active healthy lifestyles.

Since 1996, TSI has excelled in the innovative development and quality manufacture of health products. However, our expertise does not stop with product development and manufacturing. We support customers in over 34 countries with global sales, distribution and regulatory support. Our development of GlucosaGreen® and commitment to the environment demonstrates that our mission of improving health supplies not just to individual people and animals, but to our planet as well.

The Bio-Active Ingredients Division specializes in solving unique challenges presented to manufacturers adapting raw ingredients to the constant demands of consumers for new products in new dose formats.

Our expertise is drawn from our own specialties and those of the entire TSI Group – innovative product development, clinical studies, raw material production, finished dose manufacturing, and even marketing.

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