Cracking the Code for the Ideal Glucosamine Tablet

The most successful companies in the supplement industry spend their resources focused obsessively on how to anticipate and meet consumer demands for products that deliver the ingredients they want, in a form that is convenient and easy to take. While these trends have resulted in the growth of soft chews, RTD’s, soft gels, and gummies, the most popular dosage form for glucosamine remains tablets. Tablets allow versatility in combining several active ingredients and can be made to dissolve at a specific rate to allow for maximum efficacy.

As tablet makers strive to separate themselves from the competition, they reach a point where they believe they’ve done all they can to maximize every aspect of their production. So it is with glucosamine, where most suppliers use a spec like particle size distribution and companies assume this is the most effective means of measuring how easily a powder can be compressed into a tablet. They believe that once they have done all they can within these industry standards that there is no more benefit to be gained here. We believe there is much more to be gained by using a granule that is truly compressible, and that can provide tangible gains in tablet size and complexity.

Cracking the Code to Create Ideal Glucosamine Tablets (

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