Too often in the world of supplements we think of certain ingredients as commodities. For these items there are so many options available in the supply chain that determining the best choice often feels like a decision that can only be driven by price. Glucosamine is one of those ingredients. It is widely used to promote joint health, and many human and pet supplement brands have at least one glucosamine SKU. For buyers, finding glucosamine is easy since most distributors handle it, and most will look to get the order based on their ability to meet or beat competitive prices. And these distributors and their customers will agree that glucosamine is a difficult powder to compress. Consequently no matter where it is sourced or how it is processed, turning it into tablets will be a challenge.

Here’s the problem with that kind of thinking in business. Once we say “all (fill in the blank) is the same” we accept the commonly known limitations and then we miss the breakthroughs that could allow us to separate from our competition.

In that spirit we say: don’t miss this breakthrough. TSI has poured decades of experience into developing granules for glucosamine and we have cracked the code to the ideal tablet grade granule. In fact it is truly such a breakthrough that we’ve given the process a name: OptiTab Technology.

How much do we believe in OptiTab Technology?

We invite any maker of glucosamine tablets to challenge us to make their exact same product, only better. Measurably better. Better quality, fewer defects, higher yields, and smaller size. It is all possible, and at a cost that ultimately allows our customers to put more profit into their bottom line while making a better product!

In the next few weeks we will be officially releasing the TSI Challenge. Take us up on it and put our knowledge to work for you. Then watch as we continue to solve problems you did not even know you had.

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